Enterprise Company is an industry leader in the business of design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment and systems for the solid waste, scrap processing, and resource recovery industries.

Enterprise Company was incorporated in 1969 under the ownership of Orval and Albert Gould. It has experienced a positive and continued growth since its time of incorporation. Each owner has over 40 years experience in the waste management industry and has used their expertise to create some of the premiere equipment and systems available for industry today.

Our employee staff ranges in size from 70 to 120, depending on contract demand. Thirty of these employees have been affiliated with the company for over 20 years.

Our engineering department is equipped with state-of-the-art computer/CAD equipment that is complimented with Pro Engineer, Autodesk Inventor, and Autocad design software. They are credited with the design and manufacturing of over 10,000 systems that have been sold and used worldwide.

We offer a full product line consisting of solid waste recycling facilities, waste to energy systems and mining equipment. We also manufacture various items of equipment including multi-use balers, complete conveyor systems of all types, including air conveyor equipment, overhead storage hoppers, compactors (up to transfer station size) and a full line of heavy duty alligator shears used by the scrap metal industry.

Enterprise Company is an innovative leader in design and engineering techniques use for the manufacturing of individual and customized pieces of equipment for the recycling industry. We are never limited to pre-conceived approaches in design or development of any system.

616 S. Santa Fe
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Telephone: (714) 835-0541

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